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"The Munky Shop"


Handmade Hug Munky
plush available in 2 sizes.


Munky Cards
different occasions available
Sets of Cards
blank inside


Munky Shirts
available in a variety of colors

All products below are handmade and not mass produced. The plush are handsewn, the cards individually printed & the shirts ironed on. They are made upon ordering and may take or week or two to be produced and ready for delivery.
Hug Munky (8"x 3" Plush) $8
Lil Hug Munky (5"x 3" Plush) $5
Munky Greeting Card $3
Set 3 of Munky Cards $10
Munky Shirts $15
We'll discuss color availability according to your shirt size & style requirements. Some additional sizes and styles might be available at a different price point.